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Ancient History and Archaeology

The Ancient Orient

R.A. Orekhov (Moscow) – Re-Examination of “The Prophecy of Neferti”

Ancient Greece and Rome. Hellenism

I.E. Surikov (Moscow) – Nicknames among Greeks of the Archaic and Classical Periods: I. Preliminary Thoughts of General Theoretical Nature 19
A.A. Kleymenov, A.Y. Butovskiy (Tula) – European Scythians’ Warfare and Macedonian Military Art of Philip II and Alexander the Great’s Reign: to the Issue of the Common Ground 35
T.Yu. Shashlova (Saratov) – Source Study Remarks on the One Ctesias of Cnidus’ Message 50
E.V. Litovchenko (Belgorod) – Some Traditional Public Feasts and Entertainments in the Latin West of the 5th Century AD 58
Yu.Yu. Chueva (Belgorod) – Holy Deaconess Olympias: Life without Vanity 70
T.L. Aleksandrova (Moscow) – The Empress Athenais-Eudocia: the Path to the Throne 75

The North Black Sea Region

S.B. Shabanov (Moscow) – Marks on the Glass Vessels from the Roman Period in the Northern and Northwest Black Sea Region 88
N.I. Vinokurov (Moscow), L.Y. Ponomarev (Kerch) – Cult Complexes of the Saltovo-Mayaki Settlement at the Site of Fortifi ed Settlement Artezian (1994–2010 Excavations) 105
T.N. Smekalova (Simferopol) – The “Gate” on Tarkhankut. New Archeological Sites in the Upper Reaches of the Lake Donuzlav in the Northwestern Crimea 149

The Middle Ages

S.G. Botalov (Chelyabinsk), A. Bayoglu (Yekaterinburg), D.N. Maslyuzhenko (Kurgan) – Written Traditions and Linguistic Borrowings in Medium of Turkic-Speaking Nomads in the Ural-Kazakhstan Steppes 174
R.T. Ganiev (Yekaterinburg) – The First Qaghan’ Policy and the Rise of Ancient Turks in Central Asia (AD 534–572) 189
G.N. Garustovich (Ufa) – Volga-Ural Steppe Corridor in the Middle Ages: Was there the History to Begin in the 10th Century…Or Not All the Same? 202
A.G. Gertsen, Yu.M. Mogarichev (Simferopol) – The Dȕrbesi of Haidar-Khan on Chufut- Kale: the Lost Monument or Historiography Myth 216

Russian History

A.I. Chepel᾿ (Saint-Petersburg) – Intelligence in the Swedish-Russian Borderland after the Treaty of Stolbovo 228
A.V. Trifonov (Tyumen) – Monasteries in Tyumen in the 17th – 18th Centuries 237
A.V. Trifonov (Tyumen), V.I. Usanov (Surgut) – Church Charity in Tyumen in the 19th – Early 20th Century 248


I.R. Atnagulov (Magnitogorsk) – Kazakhs of Chelyabinsk Region: a Brief Ethno-Cultural Characteristics (to the Problem of Ethnic Identity in the Multiethnic Environment) 260
S.Yu. Belorussova (Yekaterinburg) – Nagaybaks-Bakals: Chapters of Ethno-History 269
A.B. Panchenko (Surgut) – Between Сivil and Ethnic Nation: National Projects in the Russian Empire in the First Third of the 19th Century 282
V.V. Medvedev (Surgut) – K.V. Ivanov’s “Narspi”: Chuvashes’ Traditions in the Poem 294
L.N. Khakhovskaya (Magadan) – Ethnographical Issues in the Scientific Research Program by N.N. Dikov 304


Literary Criticism

T.E. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk) – Eudomonistic ideas in Karamzin's Works 319


E.B. Ivannikov (Saint-Petersburg) – Language Refl exion: from Metatext to Reflexive 337
E.V. Pozhidaeva (Moscow), N.A. Koz’ko (Magnitogorsk) – Gastronomic and Bacchic Conceptual Spheres as a Refl ection of National Mentality (Linguistic and Conceptual Approach) 348
S.L. Andreeva (Magnitogorsk) – Propositional Frame Analysis of Lexical Meanings of Words with the Root “Blago (Good)”, which are the “Peaks” of Families of Words 357
M.M. Khoshimkhujayeva (Tashkent) – Motivational Analyses of English, Russian and Uzbek Phytonyms with Anthroponyms 369


Art Criticism

E.I. Kononenko (Moscow) – Turkish Mosque: Image and Brand 379
L.I. Sattarova (Ankara) – The Minbar of Alaaddin Mosque in Konya 391
K.E. Chemezova (Saint-Petersburg) – St. Swithun Cathedral of Stavanger as a Unique Monument of the Norwegian Stone Architecture of the 12th – 14th Centuries 409
D.I. Gorshkov (Zhukovsky) – The Portrait of Brigade General A.-C.-L. Le Lievre de la Grange by L.-L. Boilly in the Hermitage: Identification Problems 419