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Ancient History and Archaeology

The Ancient Orient

S.A. Davydov (St. Petersburg) – Despotism in the Management Practices of Ancient Egypt's Economy: Myths and Reality

Ancient Greece and Rome. Hellenism

M.Yu. Lapteva (Tobolsk) – The Patriotism and Treachery in the History of Archaic Ionia
I.E. Surikov (Moscow) – Drachms in Solon’s Laws. I. Statement of the Problem and Prelimi nary Analysis of the Key Evidence
А.А. Popov (St. Peterburg) – Polybius’ Story About the War Between Antiochus III and Euthydemus I: Author’s Targets in the Context of His Political Ideas 56
S.V. Obukhov (Moscow) – Artagn–Herakles–Ares in Ancient Commagene 67
L.M. Shmeleva (Kazan) – Terms Caduceatores, Legati, Oratores in “Ab Urbe Candita” by Titus Livius 85
K. Bembaye (N'djamena) – Considering the Formation of Roman Provinces in Africa 94
A.M. Bragova (Nizhny Novgorod) – The Concept Amicitia in Cicero’s Writings 103
A.G. Karavaev (Moscow) – Genealogy of Descendants of the Triumvir Mark Antony: Epigraphic and Numismatic Evidences 111
A.R. Panov (Arzamas) – Augustus and the Parthian Hostages in Rome 136
N.I. Solov’yanov (Krasnoyarsk) – Cults of Warriors from the Auxiliary Troops in the Roman Britain in 1st – 3rd Centuries АD 149
A.V. Kargaltsev (St. Peterburg) – Decius’ Persecutions and the Church in the Middle of the 3rd Century: Martyrs and Authorities 153

The North Black Sea Region

S.V. Yartsev (Tula) – Roman Strategy in the Northern Black Sea Region During the Reign of Julian 166
N.I. Vinokurov (Moscow), L.Y. Ponomarev (Kerch) – Central Part of Saltovo-Mayaki Settle ment on the Fortifi ed Settlement of Artezian (Results of the 1989–2001 Excavations at the Site I) 186

The Middle Ages

G.S. Mayorov (St. Petersburg) – The Arab Campaign of 737(738) and the Changes in the Political Status of Byzantine Abkhazia 233
D.G. Polonskiy (Moscow) – Church Politics and Doctrine of Pope Leo the Great in Slavonic Sources of the 12th – 17th Centuries 242

New History

I.V. Rudenko, I.V. Mitskevich (Rostov-on-Don) – Rossica Style as a Part of Nuremberg Counting Tokens of 18th – 19th Centuries 255

Russian History

D.A. Prokhorov (Simferopol) – Crimean Tatars in the Public Administration of Taurida Region Followed by Annexation of the Crimea to Russia (1783–1787) 278
S.V. Gavrilov (Chelyabinsk) – The Problem of Interaction of Decembrist and Masonic Organizations in V.I. Semevsky’s Research Work 296


V.V. Medvedev (Magnitogorsk) – Deities and Spirits of Home Space in the Traditional Views of the Chuvash People 309
I.R. Atnagulov (Magnitogorsk) – Ethno-Linguistic Chracteristics of the Nagaybaks in the Dynamics of the 20th – Beginning of the 21st Century 314
V.A. Moskvina (Omsk) – The City Topos in Spell Texts 324
T.I. Rozhkova (Magnitogorsk) – Swedish Theme in People's Memoires of the 20th Century 332
K.I. Sharafadina (St. Petersburg) – Modern Linguistic Urban Studies as a Diagnostics of Sociocultural Priorities (A Case Study of the Advertisement Names of Saint-Petersburg) 342


Literary Criticism

T.E. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk) – Cicero and Mark Antony in a Poetic Dialogue Between F. Tyutchev and V. Brusov: The Debate About Bliss 348
N.D. Bogatyreva (Kirov) – On the Issue of the Religious-Philosophic Context of Leonid Andreyev’s Story «The Yoke of the War» 355
T.A. Chigintseva (Chelyabinsk) – Header and the Final Complex in the Books by Denis Osokin 362


Т.Yu. Zalavina, О.N. Аfаnасjeva, L.А. Shоrоkhоvа (Magnitogorsk) – Paroemiological Concept «Money» as a Form of Mental Representation of Knowledge About the World 372
A.M. Ishegulova (Ufa) – The Concept of Ҡайғы (Grief) in Bashkir Folk Songs 379
I. Pachai (Nyiregyhaza) – Use of Russian Sinologists’ Achievements in the Study of Chinese-Hungarian Parallels 385

From Science History

A.A. Suleymanov (Yakutsk) – Research of the USSR Academy of Sciences in the Russian Arctic in 1930-s –1941 392
F.Sh. Shamukaramova (Tashkent) – Vasiliy Vyatkin and Samarkand Antiquities 408