Journal of Historical, Philological and Cultural Studies №1, 2020

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I.V. Grudochko (Chelyabinsk) – Armament of the Nomads in the Ural-Kazakhstan Steppes During Fourth to the Sixth Centuries 5
A.V. Bezrukov (Magnitogorsk), V.V. Ulitin (Krasnodar) – Military-Political Conflicts and Trade in the Classical World (Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea and the Barbarous North-Eastern Periphery 21
V.R. Goushchin (Perm) – The Evolution Outlines of Athenian Social Organization: from Mycenaean Catastrophe to Theseus’ Synoikism 33
U.V. Kornilov (Novosibirsk) – Panhellenism and the Eastern Campaign of Alexander the Great: the Historiographic Review 53
L.M. Shmeleva (Kazan) – Recent Excavations and the Development of Cities in Latium in the Eighth to Sixth Centuries BC 64
S.A. Kachan (Nizhniy Novgorod) – Emperor in the Image of Horus: Influence of the Egyptian Traditions and Greco-Roman Believes on Worshipping of the Ruler in Roman Egypt 76
A.D. Nazarov (Yekaterinburg) – Images of Roman Emperors from the Danubian Provinces in the Narrative Tradition 99
D.S. Sekacheva (Moscow) – Huuxte\'-K’uh and the Role of its Dynasty at the Royal Court of Palenque 10

New Discoveries

V.M. Petrovskiy (Saratov) – Ancient Anchorage in the Kerch Strait 122


A.E. Negin (Nizhniy Novgorod) – The Montefortino-Type Helmet in the Gorodets Local History Museum 132
I.А. Garaev, I.V., Tsokur (village of Volna) – A Scaly Helmet from the Necropolis of Volna-1 (Temryuk District, Krasnodar Territory) 139

From Science History

N.A. Pavlichenko (Saint Petersburg) – History of Inscriptiones orae septentrionalis Ponti Euxini Publication: Documents from the Scientifi c Archives of the Institute for the History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Science 154
E.G. Zastrozhnova (Saint Petersburg) – A.A. Bobrinsky, K.E. Dumberg and V.V. Shkorpil’s Letters to V.V. Latyshev (in the Saint Petersburg Branch of Archive of Russian Academy Science 164