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This paper discusses the ancient anchorages in the Kerch Strait. These anchorages were formed in those places where ancient ships often anchored in anticipation of a tailwind to enter the strait. Currently, they represent areas of the seabed on which anchors and their details are scattered. Usually, the anchorages are located not far from settlements that were situated on the shore and their time frames coincide. The study of anchorage allows to clarify the chronology of their occurrence and development, as well as to determine the types of anchors. The typology of anchors gives an idea of the types of ships that sailed along the ancient Kerch Strait. Besides the position of the anchorage can make additions to the paleographic representations of the region: indicate the places of ancient bays, sand spits, capes, which are now destroyed as a result of sea level rise.


Underwater archaeology, Kerch Strait, ancient navigation, chronology, anchors, trade routes, rising sea level.

Vasiliy M. Petrovskiy

Saratov Chernyshevsky State University, Saratov, Russia

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