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Ancient History and Archaeology

Ancient Greece and Rome

I.E. Surikov (Moscow) – Nicknames Among Greeks the Archaic and Classical Periods: II. The Origins of the Phenomenon 5
V.S. Kondratyev (Tobolsk) – The Relationship between Ionians and Carians in the 11th – 6th Centuries BC Through the Antique Narrative Tradition 27
M.Yu. Lapteva (Tobolsk) – Smyrna from Homer to Alexander: Archaeology and the Problems of the Historical Reconstruction 39
L.M. Shmeleva (Kazan) – Lucus Ferentinae as the Cult and Meeting Point of the Latin League 54
L.V. Chernyshov (Kaluga) – “Provinces are Conquered with Blood of Provinces”: History of the Batavian Auxiliary Cohorts 68
E.S. Danilov (Yaroslavl’) – Securitas in Panegyrici Latini 81
I.A. Mirolyubov (Moscow) – Constantine’s the Great Sister Anastasia in the Context of His Dynastic Policy 90

The North Black Sea Region

E. E. Antonov (Moscow) – The Early Late Scythian Settlements in the North Western Crimea 99
E.G. Zastrozhnova (Saint-Petersburg) – Archaeological Study of Phanagoria in 1947– 1958 124
Y.N. Shorunova (Moscow) – The History of Archaeological Study of Phanagorian Sacral Complexes 136
A.A. Zavoykin (Moscow) – “Kuban Bosporus” – the Island of Hermonassa (Notes on the Historical Geography of the Taman Peninsula) 147

The Caucasus and Transcaucasia

Z.G. Khonziya (Sukhumi), G.V. Trebeleva (Moscow) – The Sites of the Tsebelda Culture in the Village of Kulanyrkhua 164
G.V. Trebeleva (Moscow), Z.G. Khonziya (Sukhumi), G.Yu. Yurkov (Moscow) – Results of Study of the Great Abkhazian (Kelasury) Wall (2013–2015) and Issues of Boundaries of Early Medieval State Formations on the Territory of Abkhazia 174
A.Zh. Arutyunyan (Yerevan) – Strabo’s Historical-Geographical Concept; the Issue on Three Armenians 186


A.S. Pakhunov (Moscow) – The First Results of Total Photogrammetric Documentation of the Walls of Kapova Cave 200
K.A. Dneprovsky, E.G. Devlet (Moscow) – On the Subject of Structural Features of Dwellings of the Ancient Escimo in Consideration with Archaeological Materials, Ethnography and Artistic Sources 210
V.K. Fedorov, Ya.V. Rafikova (Ufa) – New Monuments of Early Nomads in the Abzelilovskiy District of Bashkortostan 252


E.S. Levanova (Moscow) – Basic Tendencies of Arable Farming Development in the North of South America During the Formative Period (4th – 1st Millennium BC) 273
S.А. Khokhryakova, А.I. Fakhri (Moscow) – On Elements of Olmec Iconography in Rock art Sites in Mexico and Guatemala 283
I.J. Demicheva (Nizhniy Novgorod) – The Technological Features of the Production of the Maya Terracotta Figurines During the 1st Millennium AD 298

Materials of the Seminar on Problems of Ancient Numismatics in Memory of Dr. Nina Andreevna Frolova (Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, 20 October 2017)

S.Yu. Saprykin (Moscow) – Coins of Tomi with Istrus’ Countermark 319
A.E. Tereshchenko (Saint-Petersburg) – a New Bosporan Coin Type and Panticapaeum Coinage in the Mid 6th – and Late 5th Century BC 334
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), N.I. Sudarev (Moscow) – Excavation Coins from the Taman-16 Settlement 353
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), N.I. Sudarev (Moscow) – Coins from the 2016 Excavations at the Site of Vinogradny 7 (Taman Peninsula) 371
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), A.V. Bonin (Moscow) – Excavation Coins from the Fortified Settlement Il’ichevka (2015–2016 Seasons) 392
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), O.L. Gunchina (Sennoy), S.N. Ostapenko (Moscow) – Lead Tessera from Phanagoria 431
E.Ya. Turovsky (Sevastopol) – Numismatic Art of Ancient Chersonesus 438
S.V. Obukhov (Moscow) – Coinage of Sam II, the King of Commagene (130–100 BC) 450
A.V. Akopyan (Kazan) – Iranian Copper Coins of the 16th – 19th Centuries: Features of Emission and Circulation 468
U.M. Volkova (Moscow) – Personification of the Russian State in the Medallic Art of the 18th Century 482
U.M. Volkova (Moscow) – Personification of the Russian State in the Medallic Art of the 19th –Beginning of the 20th Century 493
A.A. Pedko (Moscow) – The Attribution of the Seal with Coat of Arms of the Galagan Family from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts 507


V.I. Mordvintseva (Simferopol) – Klein L.S. [Pervyy vek: Sokrovisha Sarmatskikh Kurganov] Treasures of the Sarmatian Burial Mounds. – St. Petersburg: Eurasia, 2016. – 224 p., col. fi g. 518