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In Memory of E.G. Devlet 5
V.I. Molodin (Novosibirsk) – Wooden Masks of the Xiaohe Culture 7
N.I. Drozdov, V.I. Makulov (Krasnoyarsk) – Ekaterina Georgievna Devlet with a bow from Krasnoyarsk 20
A.R. Laskin (Khabarovsk) – Catherine Devlet – Conqueror of the Amur Shores 25
Yu.N. Esin (Abakan), J. Magay (Monaco), F. Monna (Dijon), Yu.I. Ozheredov (Tomsk) – Camel Images of the Paleolithic age on the Tom River in Western Siberia 41
A.K. Solodeinikov (Saint Petersburg) – What is of Remarkable about Kapova Cave 69
A.S. Pakhunov (Moscow) – Comparative analysis of the Mineral Composition of Pigments from the Cultural Layer in the Chamber of Chaos at Kapova Cave (Shulgan-Tash) 84
D.A. Gainullin, F.A. Malikov, N.N. Grigoriev (Ufa) – The Shulgan-Tash (Kapova) Cave Protection: Improvement Attempt,1960–1981 96
V.N. Shirokov (Yekaterinburg) – Ignatievka Cave: Art of the Ice Age is in Danger 105
L.V. Zotkina, A.I. Krivoshapkin, S.V. Schneider (Novosibirsk), T.T. Chargynov, O.A. Soltobaev (Bishkek) – Rock Art of Gavyan Canyon (Batken Region, Kyrgyzstan) 116
V.V. Bobrov, N.N. Moor (Kemerovo) – The Image of a Dog in South Siberia and Mongolia Peoples’ Rock Art (Bronze Age and Scythian Period) 128
A.N. Popov, E.A. Sergusheva, B.V. Lazin (Vladivostok) – Archaeobotanical Researches on the Boyarin-6 Site 140
D.G. Savinov (Saint Petersburg) – “House of Spirits” in Engraved Images on Stone Slabs from the Taz-Khaza Durial Mound 156
O.S. Sovetova, O.O. Shishkina (Kemerovo) – Some Peculiar Anthropomorphic Characters in the Rock Art of the Minusinsk Basin 183
A.V. Tabarev, D.A. Ivanova (Novosibirsk) – The Art of the Ancient Cultures of the Pacifi c: Highlighting of “Local Styles” Experience 201
L.A. Kulakovskaya (Kiev), G.A. Khlopachev (Saint Petersburg), V.I. Usik (Kiev) – An Ornamented Artifact from Doroshivtsi III Site: cultural, chronological context and Artistic Features 215
O.B. Naumova, G.G. Korol (Moscow) – Issues Metalworking in the early Medieval Nomads of Central Asia (on the basis materials of the epic materials) 228
E.A. Greshnikov, G.G. Korol (Moscow) – Copper-Based Alloys in the Metalworking of the Regions of Central Asia in the 6th–13th cc. (based on studies of the chemical composition of archaeological and museum objects) 245
K.V. Chugunov (Saint Petersburg), J. Rawson (Oxford) – Sacrifi cial Bull and “Lord of the Horses’’ in China 262
Y.M. Svoyskiy, E.S. Levanova, E.V. Romanenko (Moscow), E.S. Konakova (Saint Petersburg) – A Study of Models of Estampages of the Amur Petroglyphs in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, Russian Academy of Sciences 279
S.A. Khokhryakova (Moscow) – Problems of the Rock Art of Documentation in Guatemala on the Example of the Naj-Tunich cave complex 299