Journal of Historical, Philological and Cultural Studies №1, 2019

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In honour of A.A. Zavoykin 5
D.E. Chistov (Saint Petersburg), S.Yu. Monakhov (Saratov) – Amphoras of the First Half and Mid 6th Century BC. from Berezan Island 8
M.Yu. Treister (Berlin) – Roman Glass Vessels of the mid-1st – mid-3rd Centuries AD from the Sarmatian Burials of the Volga-Don Interfl uve, Lower Volga Basin and South Urals 25
V.V. Doroshko (Sevastopol) – Roman Military Equipment from the Excavations on Heraclean Peninsula 69
A.A. Nechiporuk, V.G. Chernenko (Rostov-on-Don) – An Iron Ring with Intaglio from the Necropolis of the Rostov Settlement 79
P.A. Evdokimov (Moscow) – The Xenophon’s Sanctuary and the Olympic Council: The “Attic Bee” in the Trap of the Peloponnesian Politics 91
A.N. Voroshilov, O.M. Voroshilova (Moscow) – Features of the Phanagorian Necro polis’Formation in the Light of Recent Discoveries 101
S.M. Ilyashenko (Nedvigovka), N.N. Presnova (Vladimir) – Building 13 in Tanais of the Post-Polemo Period 106
T.N. Smekalova (Simferopol), N.V. Bykovskaya (Kerch) – Traces of Orthogonal Land Division in the Eastern and Northwestern Crimea: Ancient Times or the19th Century? 126
A.E. Tereshchenko (Saint Petersburg) – A Sketch of the 3rd Century BC Northern Pontic Coinage 140
V.D. Kuznetsov, S.N. Ostapenko (Moscow) – Urbanistics and Domestic Building of Medieval Phanagoria 153
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), S.N. Ostapenko (Moscow) – A Solidus of Leo III the Isaurian from Phanagoria 171
O.S. Belyavskaya (Ufa) – Belt Sets from Early Medieval Settlements in Bashkortostan 186
M.S. Gadzhiev, A.I.Taymazov, A.L. Budaichiev, A.M. Abdulaev, A.K. Abiyev (Makhachkala) – Early Muslim Cemetery in Derbende (Bab al-abwab) 202
S.M. Sakania (Sukhum), G.V. Trebeleva (Moscow) – The Temple in the Village of Pshouhua 227


R.A. Orekhov (Moscow) – Memphis and Formation of the Egyptian State 238


A.G. Avdeev (Moscow) – Levky’s Epitaph from the Kalyazin Monastery (CIR0695): a Little Known Source on the History of the Time of Troubles 258