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Ancient History and Archaeology


V.N. Pilipko (Moscow) – To the History of Archaeological Research of Old Qahqa Fortress in the Southern Turkmenistan
S.A. Ruzanova (Moscow) – Metal Craft of Northern Bactria: Results of Investication of Materials from the Site of Kampyrtepa 20

Ancient Rome

I.E. Surikov (Moscow) – Drachmas In Solon’s Laws. II. Variants of the Problem’s Solution in the Light of Reality of the Solonian Time 34
B.S. Lyapustin (Moscow) – The Peculiarities of Economic Life of Roman Familia in the 1st century BC (According to Cicero’s Letters) 53
I.A. Mirolubov (Moscow) – Constantine the Great in the “Historia Adversum Paganos” by Paulus Orosius 62

The Black Sea Region

S.N. Ostapenko (Moscow) – Bone Tessera from Phanagoria 71
A.P. Voskresenskiy (Moscow) – The Retreat of Mithridates Eupator to the Bosporus (Strabo XI. 2. 13) 79 


E.G. Devlet, M.A. Devlet (Moscow) – Searching for Lost Meaning 91
N.V. Belenov (Samara) – Ethno-Linguistic Affliationof the Belogorsk Archaeological Culture Representatives Based on Toponymics 110

The Middle Ages

S.Kh. Khotko (Maykop) –Toponym “Circassian ban” on G. Gastaldo’s Map (1551) in the Context of Circassian Presence in Crimea 116
V.A. Nyhkov (Sukhum) – The Problem of Research of Social Stratifi cation in Ancient Abkhazian Ethno-political Associations in the 6th century AD 128
E.Yu. Endoltseva (Moscow), G.A. Sangulia (Sukhum) – Stone Reliefs of the Cathedral in the Village of Agu-Bedia: Problems of Dating 139
E.A. Mekhamadiev (Saint-Petersburg) – Islamic Geographers of 9th – 10th centuries about the Byzantine Military Organization: the Case of Bucellarian Theme 157
A.I. Fahry (Moscow) – Maya Stone Stela as a Sociocultural Phenomenon 174
Yu.E. Bernatskay (Moscow) – The Political History of Oxwitzá (Carapol, Belize) at the End of the 8th – the Beginning of the 9th century 184

New History

N.V. Laskova (Rostov-on-Don) – The Debate in the Scottish Parliament on the “Supriority” of Nova Scotia Baronets 197
K.A. Demichev (Nizhny Novgorod) – “Atypical” Eastern Ruler: Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the Perception of Europeans in the First Half of the 19th century 203

Round Table «Studies on Ancient and Oriental Numismatics»

A.E. Teresschenko (Saint-Petersburg) – Theodosian Coinage of the late 5th – early 4th century BC 213
S.Yu. Saprykin (Moscow) – Bosporan Coins with Artemis/Stag Type of the Mithridatic Period 249
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), S.N. Ostapenko (Moscow) – Eight-century Byzintine Solidi and Abbasid Dirham from Phanagoria 266
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), O.L. Gunchina (Sennoy) – The Silver Content of Phescuporis V’s Staters of AD 242/243‒257/258 (X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy) 280
A.V. Akopyan (Kazan) – Silver Coins of Qarabagh Khanate: Typology, Metrology, Denominations 330


A.А. Osipova, A.N. Mikhin (Magnitogorsk) – Not by Bread Alon (Phraseological corpus of the literary language of all Medieval Slavs as the linguocultural source) 348
N.V. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk) – The Duality of Author’s Appraisal in the Series of Essays “The Power of the Land” by G.I. Uspenskiy 356

From Science History

N.V. Pozdnyakova (Magnitogorsk) – A Reading Book on Old Slavonik Language as Reflection of Next Stage of the development of the Russian Slavonik Studies 364
A.G. Slednikov (Yaroslavl’) – The Living Latin Movement: a search for an International Means of Communication and Reception of the Cultural Heritage of Antiquity 370
E.A. Greschnikov (Yaroslavl’) – Towards Understanding of the Archaeometallurgy in Eurasia 385