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The article observes insuffi ciently explored events related to the initial stage of the Scottish colonization of North America. The facts, related to the proclamation of the Аct on the establishment of the fi rst Scottish colony of New Scotland by the British monarch in 1621, are analyzed. The reaction of the Scottish society to the introduction the title of Knights baronets of Nova Scotia by James I Stewart in 1624 is examined. The new title was for representatives of the Scottish nobility, who were willing to participate in the settlement of the fi rst Scottish colony in the New World. The special attention of the article is given to the debates in the Scottish Parliament (October 1625) on the legality of the proclaimed by Charles I Stuart «superiority» in the feudal hierarchy of the new title baronet of Nova Scotia over the Scottish barons. The opposition moods of the Scottish aristocracy are considered on the basis of unused by the Russian historians documents of the Scottish Parliament and Acts of the Privy Council of Scotland. The content of the article helps to expand the idea of opposition attitudes in Scottish society in relation to the American colonies of Nova Scotia.


Scotland, Scottish Parliament, colonization, William Alexander, Nova Scotia, Baronets of Nova Scotia, Scottish barons

Natalia V. Laskova

Southern Federal University Institute of History and International relations, Russia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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