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A study on the rock art sites in twelve towns and villages near Chifeng in the recent 15 years was conducted and over 10,000 rock paintings and engravings were discovered. This paper focuses on the distribution and the shape of non-outlined human face petroglyphs. By using micro-erosion dating method and experiments on the samples with proper dating background, and the comparison research on the unearthed relics, the author acquired the dating data and concluded that the non-outlined human face rock art in Xiao Fengshan are dated to Neolithic age. The research has a fundamental meaning to the future research of the rock art dating in other areas.

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Hongshan, petroglyphs, human face image, dating, rock art sites

Wu Jiacai – director of China North Rock Art Research Institute, Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University.

Статья публикуется в рамках международного сотрудничества по проекту РФФИ 18- 09-00691.

Автор перевода с китайского – Т.Дж. Ричер (T.J. Richer)

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