Journal of Historical, Philological and Cultural Studies №4, 2019

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V.I. Kulakov (Moscow) – Moons and Pendants of Special Forms Among the Southeastern Baltic Region Antiquites 5
N.N. Presnova (Moscow) – Construction of the Main Quadrangle of Tanais in 1st – first half of the 2nd Century AD 18
N.V. Zavoykina (Moscow) – New Data on the History of Phanagorian Society in Pre-Hellenistic Time 29
O.A. Puklina (Kiev) – Glass Painted Pyxis from Olbia 46
N.I. Vinokurov, S.M. Krykin (Moscow) – Altars for Libations to the Chthonic Deities from Thracia and the Bosporus: the Common and the Unique 56
M.E. Klemeshova (Moscow) – Hand-Made Pottery of Polyanka Settlement in the Crimean Azov Region (the Technological Analysis) 93
T.N. Smekalova (Simferopol), A.Ju. Loboda (Moscow), N.V. Bykovskaya (Kerch), E.D. Trubnikova (Sinferopol) – XRF-Spectroscopy of Bosporan Coin Alloys During Mithradates VI’s Time 112
A.N. Abramova (Volgograd) – Morphometric Analysis of Poor Preserved Skeletal Remains (Based on Materials from the Ancient Necropolis of Volna 1, the Taman Peninsula). Part 2 125
O.M. Voroshilova (Moscow) – Two-chamber Crypt 170 in Phanagoria 145
G.V. Trebeleva (Moscow) – On the Reconstruction of Early Medieval States Borders on the Territory of Abkhazia 163
V.G. Zubarev, S.L. Smekalov, S.V. Yartsev (Tula) – Adzhiel Natural Boundary in the East Crimea on the Maps of 18th – 20th Centuries and Results of 2014–2018 Archaeological Researches 173


M.Yu. Treister (Berlin) – ‘‘Imports’’ from Сentral Asia and Siberia in the Burials of Asian Sarmatia of the 2nd – 1st centuries BС 180
A.V. Lysenko (Simferopol), V.I. Mordvintseva (Moscow) – Costume Metal Jewelry – Votives for the Eklizi-Burun Santuary Dating to the Roman Period (to the Cultural Attribution of Site 240
А.A. Zavoykin (Moscow) – The Hellenistic Public Building on the Acropolis of Phanagoria 297

New Discoveries

V.G. Zubarev, S.V. Yartsev (Tula) – A New Stone Age Sire in the Adzhiel Natural Boundary (the Eastern Crimea) 322
V.A. Gaibov (Moscow), A.B. Nikitin (St.Petersburg) – The Eagles on the Parthian Bullae from the Excavations of Göbekly-Depe 347


Yu.M. Mogarichev (Simferopol) – To the anniversary of Andrey Vladimirovich Sazanov 359