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The paper is a detail publication of the Stone Age materials from 2016–2018 excavations at the Belinskoye settlement located in the Eastern Crimea. A large collection of fl int artifacts (134 pieces) is first published, dating from the Mousterian to the Bronze Age. The analysis of materials and the archaeological context allow us to determine the location of a new Stone Age site on the eastern cape of the hill of the Belinskoye settlement. Unlike other settlements of the Bosporus, where the Stone Age sites were destroyed during later periods, the parts of cultural layer of the Stone Age settlement are well preserved on the eastern cape of the Belinskoye hill fortifi cation site. However, if the southern boundary, which is bounded by the hill slope, eastern and partly northern boundaries of the settlement are currently defi ned, the areas in the western direction have not been studied yet. Thus, it opens up good perspectives for the further research.


Eastern Crimea, Belinskoye settlement, Stone Age, fl int artifacts, Neolithic ceramics, settlement.

Viktor G. Zubarev, Sergey V. Yartsev

Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University, Tula, Russia

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