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During recent excavations on the necropolis of Phanagoria, some rare types of burial constructions have been discovered. Two-chamber crypts that had appeared in the burial practice of the residents of Phanagoria at the sunset of antique epoch are of special interest.

The article presents one of such crypts found in 2011 on the Eastern necropolis. Regrettably, the burial was robbed in antiquity and only the insignifi cant part of its grave goods and construction have survived. Nevertheless, its investigation is of great importance for the reconstruction of the funereal rite of the late antique population of the capital of Asian Bosporus. The crypt has been analyzed within the context of the already known complexes of the same type. Some peculiarities of the funeral practice characteristic of the burials in such vaults have been distinguished. Those few artifacts found in the burial allowed dating it to the late third century AD. Despite the fact that the crypt 170 is structurally similar to the three previously found two-chamber ones, it is the earliest of them.

Thus two-chamber crypts appeared in the burial practice of the population of Phanagoria in the late third century AD and seem to have been used up to the early 5th century for most of such crypts discovered on the necropolis of the Bosporan kingdom are dated to the 4th – 5th cc. AD.


Northern Black Sea region, Asian Bosporus, necropolis of Phanagoria, the Great Migration Period, Late Antique period, burial, vault, funeral rite.

Olga M. Voroshilova

Institute of Archaeology RAS, Moscow, Russia

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