Journal of Historical, Philological and Cultural Studies №4, 2020

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S.G. Botalov (Chelyabinsk) – Climatic Determinant in Migration Processes of the Nomber of Eurasia’s Nominal Civilization 5
V.P. Yailenko (Moscow) – Notes to Textology and Dating of the New-Published Curse Inscriptions from Hellenistic Olbia 24
M.Yu. Treister (Berlin) – Bronze Vessels of the Late Republican Period from the Burials of Nomads of Asian Sarmatia 41
G.V. Medvedev (Simferopol) – Ceramic Stamps and Coins from Villino (Rassadnoe) Settlement, the Southwestern Crimea 110
T.N. Smekalova (Simferopol) – Socio-Economic Changes at the Chora of Tauric Chersonesos in the 3rd Century BC According to Epigraphy and Remote Sensing Data 128
A.N. Voroshilov, O.M. Voroshilova (Moscow) – A Hellenistic Stone Box from the Phanagoria Necropolis Excavations in 2015 146
V.A. Gaibov (Moscow) – Kyeyne Kishman/Kushmeikhan, the Fortress on the Merv Oasis Northeastern Frontier: from the Achaemenids to Arab Conquest 157
А.А. Kleymeonov (Tula) – “And Let Slip the Dogs of War”: Mercenary Forces in the Macedonian Army in the Age of Philip II 185
A.V. Ivanov (Simferopol) – Crimean Greeks of the Crimean Khanate. Anthropological Material from the Necropolis Near the Village of Mangush 205
G.V. Trebeleva (Moscow), S.M. Sakania (Sukhum), A.S. Kizilov, K.A. Glazov (Sochi), G.Yu. Yurkov (Moscow) – Early Medieval Churches in the Village Chkhortol (Abkhazia) 223
M.Yu. Kiselev (Moscow) – Archaeological Sites of the Chuvash Republic according to Date of Ancient Chuvash Cemetery 230

Round Table “Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica”

N.K. Beloborodov (Moscow) – Deity Name in Royal Titulature among the Classic Maya 238
A.S. Lavrov (Moscow) –The Ancient Maya Military and Political Alliances of the Classical Period 250
I.Yu. Demicheva (Nizhny Novgorod) – Functional Features of the Maya Terracota of the Classical Period in the Context of Territorial Localization and Specific Location 262


M.D. Bukharin, O.S. Sapanzha (Moscow) – History of Ancient East and History of Ancient Word in the Materials of Discussions of the All-Russian Academy of Artists in 1938 282


R.B. Skhatum, V.V. Ulitin (Krasnodar), A.V. Bezrukov (Magnitogorsk) – X “Anfi mov Readings” on the Archаeology of the Western Caucasus: Thе Western Caucasus in thе Context of Eurasian Antiquities (Anapa, October 23–25, 2020) 301