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Archaeology, Ancient and Medieval History

E.G. Devlet, M.A. Devlet (Moscow) – Folklore Text for Interpreting the Meaning of Zoomorphic Rock Images with “Multiplied” Body Parts 5
V.A. Gaibov (Moscow) – King’s Cult in Parthia (Bullae from Excavations at Gӧbekly-Depe) 14
V.N. Pilipko (Moscow) – Plaster Sculptures from the Tower Building at Old Nisa (Preliminary Report) 31
V.S. Lenskaya (Moscow) – Individual Sacrifices in Ancient Greece 47
E.V. Rung, E.A. Venidiktova (Kazan) – Interstate Treaties in Classical Greece: Narrative Tradition and Epigraphy 64
A.L. Zelinskiy (Kiev) – The Arcadian Inscription and Sons of Thais 75
V.A. Kvashnin (Vologda) – On Paradox of Roman Sumptuary Laws 85
S.A. Lazarev (Chelyabinsk) – The Nature of Military Service in the Late Roman Empire 97
A.V. Bonin (Moscow) – Bosporan Rural Settlements During the 1st century BC – the beginning of the 2nd century AD 109
S.N. Ostapenko (Moscow) – Some Aspects of the Currency on the Bosporus During the 6th – 3rd Centuries BC 120
N.V. Zavoykina (Moscow) – Two Abecedaria of Late Archaic Period from Phanagoria 145
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), O.L. Gunchina (Sennoy), I.A. Saprykina (Moscow) – A Study of Silver Content and Surface-Silvering of Teiranes’ Staters 152
N.I. Vinokurov, S.M. Krykin (Moscow) – Roman Policy in the North and North-West Black Sea Region in the Mid-1st Century AD 170
L.A. Golofast (Moscow) – Clazed Pottery from the Khazar Layers at Phanagoria 195
V.D. Kuznetsov (Moscow) – A Tombstone from Kepoi 207
I.I. Boldyreva (Voronezh) – Anglo-Saxon Monasticism of the 8th Century in the Light of the Correspondence of the St. Winfred Boniface Mission 211
I.I. Elkina, A.S. Pakhunov, U.Ju. Kochkarov, A.E. Grinko, E.G. Devlet (Moscow) –The 8th– 10th Centuries Woolens from the Necropolises of Moschevaya Balka and Podorvannaya Balka: Raw Material Quality and Production Technology 223
S.G. Bocharov (Kazan) – Archeology of the Venetian Gasaria in 13th –15th Centuries. Definition of Terms and Scientific Contents 233
E.G. Devlet (Moscow) – Victim Motive in Stone Sculpture of Central American Indians 250

New and Modern History

K.A. Demichev (Nizhny Novgorod) – From the Community to the Empire: Sikh Models of the Territorial Organization in the 16th – the First Half of the 19th Century 255
N. I. Khapunov (Chersonese) – Moslem Cultural Heritage from the Golden Horde and the Crimean Khanate Periods in the Crimea as Described by Foreigners ca. 1800 270
A.O. Zakharov (Moscow) – Lowly man of great ambition: a failure by Baron Modest von Korff 292
M.P. Samoylova (Nizhny Novgorod) – Reception of Antiquity in the Education System of Russia in the 19th Century as a Way of Formation of Conservative Ideology 299
Z.V. Klimenko (Moscow) – The Albanian Question in Montenegro 309


B.V. Menyaev (Elista) – The Journal “Khan Tenger” as a Source of Study of Xinjiang Oirats’ Folklore 335
I.V. Sevastyanov (Moscow) – The Kryashens of Tatarstan: Religion and Problem of Ethnic Self-Determination 345
I.I. Dremov (Saratov) – Origin and Distribution of Toponyms and Ethnonyms “Kalmak” in the Southern Urals 362

In World Museums

M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk) – Gold Coins of Metapontion and Tarentum in the Kerch Museum 373
I.V. Buzunova (Saint-Petersburg) – Features of Study of the Archaic Plastic Arts on the Example of the Monuments from the Collection of the State Hermitage Museum 380


Α.V. Anashkin (Moscow) – On Use Dative Case in Byzantine Greek 11th – 15th Centuries (According to Late Byzantine Canonical Question-and-Answers (Erotapokriseis) 392
N.V. Pozdnyakova, A.A. Osipova (Magnitogorsk) – The Plagues of Egypt and Babylonian Captivity (Revisiting the fate of the Old Testament catch units in the history of Russian language) 402
Jianing W., Voronina T.M. (Yekaterinburg) – Interaction between metaphors and their nonmetaphorical surroundings in political texts: models of identity and opposition 412