Журнал «Проблемы истории, филологии, культуры» №3, 2020

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M.Yu. Treister (Berlin) – Eggers 99–106 Roman Bronze Basins in Eastern Europe 5
A.M. Korzhenkov, A. A. Maslennikov, A.N. Ovsyuchenko, A.S. Larkov, S.N. Rodina (Moscow) – Trace of Seismic Disasters in the Ruins of Manor Complexes 4th – 3rd Centuries BC in the Crimean Azov Region 49
A.E. Teresschenko (Saint Petersburg) – Swastika Symbols in the Coinage of Panticapaeum in the 5th Century BC 77
T.N. Smekalova (Simferopol) – The Kostyrino Settlement: Results of Archaeological and Geophysical Study 89
I.A. Astakhov (Tula) – The Late Bosporan Defensive Weapons 104
S. Mamadzadeh (Baku) – The Identifi cation of Three Cities Mannes and Atropathens 114
S.S. Kochergin (Tula) – Ashera, Qedeshot and the Idea of “Holiness” of the Ancient Jews Before the Babylonian Exile 120
I.E. Surikov (Moscow) – Spatial Categories in the Earliest Greek Historians. II. Hecataeus’ “Asia” and other Relevant Texts 131
V.S. Lenskaya (Moscow) – Phylai in the System of Religious Life in the Athens 157
Y.N. Kuzmin (Samara) – ΠΥΡΟΚΑΥΣΙΣ: Civic and Military Organization of the Macedonian Society in the Hellenistic Epoch 174
E.А. Mekhamadiev (Saint Petersburg) – The Late Roman Empire Rhine Limes During the Fifth Century: on the Way of Interaction Between Frontier and Mobile Troops 181
A.L. Kostenetskiy (Moscow) – Council Rules and «Apostolic decrees»: Who had the Right to Vote When Choosing Bishops of the Christian Church in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries? 193

Round Table “Current Research in Ethnoarchaeology and Historical Ethnology”

I.A. Druzhinina (Moscow) – Population of the Lower Kuban of the 13th – 14th Centuries on Archaeological and Anthropological Materials: Continuation of the Discussion 206
I.R. Atnagulov (Yekaterinburg) – New Ethnic Map of the Middle Volga and Southern Urals as a Result of State Policy in the 16th–19th Centuries 227

Critical and Bibliographical Surveys

V.A. Kvashnin (Vologda) – What did the Laws of the XII Tables look like? Some Observations on the Educational Literature on the Roman Law 237
A.V. Bykovskaya (Moscow) – Historiography of Studying in the Cybele Cult in the Cimmerian Bosporus 247

From Science History

S.L. Vorobyeva (Ufa) – “How this all Began…”. The 100th Anniversary of Archaeological Department of the Bashkortostan National Museum and the 125th Anniversary of Mikhail Kasyanov 269