Журнал «Проблемы истории, филологии, культуры» №2, 2020

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M.Yu. Treister (Berlin) – Roman Bronze Casseroles from the Burials of Nomads of Asian Sarmatia 5
N.V. Zavoykina (Moscow) – From the Epigraphy of Fanagoria 61
N.N. Presnova (Moscow) – To the Question of the Development of Tanais in Post-Polemo Period 71
A.N. Berlizov (Moscow) – Innovative Methods in Studying of the Burial Monuments of Asian Bosporus 83
A.E. Tereshchenko (Saint-Petersburg) – Agrarian Symbols in the Coinage of Panticapaeum 97
S.B. Shabanov (Simferopol) – Glass Vessels from the Roman Period in Opushki Necropolis, the Crimea (Excavations in 2003–2019) 110
D.V. Kareev (Ivanovo) – Roman-Persian Wars in the Interpretation of “Small” Roman Historians of the 4th Century AD 135
G.G. Korol (Moscow) – New Finds of Plaques Shaped as Riders of the “Turkic” Tradition (Early Medieval Metalworking Art of Central 151
G.V. Trebeleva (Moscow), Z.G. Khondzia (Sukhum) – The Tsebelda Period Warriors’ Graves in the Village of Kulanyrkhua, Abkhazia 168
L.O. Smirnova (Saint-Petersburg) – Dating of Chor Minor in Bukhara, Uzbekistan 176


V.G. Chernenko, S.M. Ilyashenko (Moscow) – Cold Ring With the Image of Athena from Tanais 190
V.I. Kulakov (Moscow) – Find of Folding Sickle Saltov Type in Sambia 197

Critical and Bibliographical Surveys

V.P. Yailenko (Moscow) – A Critical Review of the Russian Epigraphical Chronicle 2018 207
Yu. M. Mogarychev (Simpheropol) – Review on: Georgy Vladimirov. Great Bulgaria on the Volga River in the Middle Ages. Sofia: Prosveta, 2019. – 160 p. 225

Round Table “Current Research in Ethnoarchaeology and Historical Ethnology”

I.R. Atnagulov (Yekaterinburg) – Between Russian and Kazakhs: Evolution of the Economic and Cultural Type of Nagaibaks (on the Issue of the Genesis of Identity) 228