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Archaeology, Ancient and Medieval History

O.M. Voroshilova (Moscow) – The 1975 Excavations at Phanagoria: Burials in Stone Boxes 5
G.P. Garbuzov (Rostov) – The Evaluation of Grains Yields in the Ancient Bosporus 12
T.N. Smekalova (Simferopol) – On the Ancient Gateways through Usunlar Rampart 24
V.V. Mokroborodov (Moscow) – Findings of Human Bones at the Central Asian Settlements of the Middle of the First Millennium BC 39
S.V. Obukhov (Moscow) – Some Coin Types of Mithridates I Callinicus, the King of Commagene 61
A.E. Tereshchenko (Saint Petersburg) – Coin Assemblages in Ancient Burials (the Problem Statement) 68
M.M. Choref (Nizhnevartovsk) – The Attribution of the Crimean Khanate Coins from the Excavations at the Settlements of Vinogradny 7 and Taman 16 75
A.V. Bezrukov (Magnitogorsk), V.V. Ulitin (Krasnodar) – Categories of Ancient Ceramics in the Kuban Region and the Interfl uves of the Volga and the Ural: the Problems of Studying of the Functional Usage and its Role in Barbarian Culture 80
I.E. Surikov (Moscow) – Nicknames Among the Greeks’ Nicknames of the Archaic and Classical Periods: III. Nicknames of Archaic and Early Classical Politicians 89
E.V.Rung (Kazan) – The Long-Armed: Greek Nicknames of Persian Kings 114
A.A. Kleymenov, S.S. Ivanov (Tula) – “With me will be the Scythians...”: Central Asian Mounted Archers in Alexander the Great’s Army 123
S.V. Yartsev, A.Yu. Butovskiy (Tula) – The Eastern Campaign of Nero 146
I.A. Mirolyubov (Moscow) – “Son of Divine Constantine”: the Constantine’s the Great Cult in the Reign of Emperor Constantius II 152
I.V. Zaitseva (Belgorod) – Pantaenus and the Alexandrian School’s Formation 161
I.Yu. Vashcheva (Nizhny Novgorod) – Eusebius of Caesarea’s “Church History”: Terminology and Problems of Ethno-Cultural Identity on the Threshold of the Middle Ages 169
A.N. Bolgova (Belgorod) – Hypatia and her School at Alexandria (the Early 5th Century) 184
D.L. Frolov (Yaroslavl) – Secular Authorities and Orthodoxes in the Crusader States: between the Will of Rome and the Faith of the Subjects 197


S.G. Shulezhkova, P.M. Kostina (Magnitogorsk) – Violent Death Refl ected in Manuscripts of Common Literary Language of All Medieval Slavs as Penalty for Christian Faith 212
A.A. Osipova, N.V. Pozdnyakova (Magnitogorsk) – The Life of Jacob Chornoryzets (the Monk). Specifi c Characters of the Plot and the Language (an unusual fragment from the Codex Suprasliensis) 223


A.A. Zavoykin (Moscow) – The House No 460 at the Acropolis of Phanagoria (Preliminary Reports) 229

From Science History

Y.M. Mogarichev, D.A. Prokhorov (Simferopol) – A.S. Uvarov’s Study on Ancestry and History of the Crimean Karaites 237