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To the Jubilee of M.A. Devlet 5
G.G. Korol, O.B. Naumova (Moscow) – Decorative Art Folklore Source: The Possibility of Comparing (Based on Material of the Early Medieval Metal Decorative Items of Central Asia) 7
Е.G. Devlet, А.R. Laskin, A.S. Pakhunov (Moscow) – The Lower Amur Petroglyphs: Destructive Factors and Conservation Issues 25
Wu Jiacai (Hohhot) – A Study on the Prehistoric Non-outlined Human Face Rock Art in Chifeng Area, China and the Application of Micro erosion Dating Method 44
N.Yu. Smirnov (Saint Petersburg) – The Subject of Hero on the Chariot Chasing Deer in the Pictorial Tradition of the East and West of Eurasia in the Second Half of the 2nd– the turn of 2nd–1st Millennium BC and Some Folklore-Epic Parallels 63
O.S. Sovetova (Kemerovo) – Rock Art of Minusinsk Hollow: Anthropomorphic Characters in Shortened Trousers 92
E.G. Devlet (Moscow), D. Uranchimeg, B. Bayartur (Ulaanbaatar), Yu.M. Svoyskiy, E.V. Romamenko (Moscow) – Gachuurt Rock Art Paintings in Mongolia: Reconsideration 101

(St. Petersburg, 9–12 April 2017) / Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and
Ethnography (Kunstkamera) RAS; Institute of Archaeology RAS; Franco-Russian
Associated Laboratory ARTEMIR; Institute of History of Material Culture of the
Russian Academy of Sciences; The Department of History and Philology RAS'
Program ‘‘Historical Heritage of Eurasia: New Meanings’’

G.A. Khlopachev (Saint Petersburg) – Animal and Human Images in the Art of the Upper Paleolithic of the Russian Plain: Cultural-Chronological Context and Interpretation Peculiarities 116
V.G. Kotov, М.M. Rumyantsev (Ufa) – The Phenomenon of the Use of Natural Forms in the Paleolithic of Eurasia: «Pebble Sculptures» 136
A.S. Pakhunov (Moscow) – On the Connection between Composition of the Red Paint and Its Tint: Drawings from the Kapova Cave and the Images on the Plates of the Karakol 152
A.V. Polyakov, S.A.Vasilyev, E.Yu. Girya (Saint Petersburg) – The Final Paleolithic of the Upper Yenisei Area: Discovery of the Mobile Art Object (the engraved pebble from the site of Irba 2) 158
V.N. Shirokov (Yekaterinburg) – The Kolokol’naya (Serpievskaya 2) Cave in the Southern Urals: Animalistic Pictorial Motifs 165
S.A. Demeshchenko (Saint Petersburg) – The Paleolithic Art: Composite Patterns 177
S.N. Savchenko (Yekaterinburg) – An Early Mesolithic Antler Staff Head in the Shape of a Fantastic Beat Head from the Middle Trans-Urals 191
O.V. Lozovskaya (Saint Petersburg) – Main Forms of Decorative Art in the Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic of the Volga-Oka Interfl uve: Based on Materials from Zamostje 2 208
Cassen S., Grimaud V. (Nantes), Pétrequin P. (Besançon) Objets-signes et signes de l’objet. Iconographie des anneaux et des haches néolithiques dans le nord de la France 227
А.R. Laskin, E.G. Devlet, A.E. Grin’ko, Yu.M. Svoyskiy, E.S. Romanenko (Moscow) – New Results of Documentation of Petroglifs and Modelling of Sacral Landscapes of Monuments of the Far East 244