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Conceptual metaphors can be realized not only on the level of words, phrases and sentences, but also on the level of text. Since there is vast research literature on extended conceptual metaphors (both sustained and original) in media texts, we focused on models of interaction between the metaphor and its non-metaphorical textual surroundings. We analyzed political media texts and identifi ed the following types of interaction: models of identity and models of opposition. In models of identity, the meaning of the metaphorical model corresponds to that of the non-metaphorical context. Either both elements of the model play an equal part in conveying the main meaning of the text or one of them prevails. In models of opposition, one language expression can be interpreted both in its direct and metaphorical meaning (or meanings), each of them corresponding to one element in the non-metaphorical context and contradicting another. As the text unfolds, these models play the pivotal role since they ensure the text’s integrity and coherence and enhance its pragmatic effect.


Conceptual metaphor, political text, metaphor in the text, extended metaphor, modelling, identity, opposition

Wang Jianing, Tatyana M. Voronina

Ural Federal University named after the fi rst President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg, Russia

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