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The Hermitage collection of classic sculpture has special features that predetermined the criteria of the approach to the study of ancient Greek Art. In the absence of the Greek sculptures of the 6th – beginning of the 5th centuries BC in the museum collection, it is possible to study the Archaic style on the basis of the original bronzes, the miniature size of which do not distort the clarity of the statuary canon. Specifi c character of large-scale monuments of the antiquity becomes clear thanks to ancient Roman works that in a broad manner reproduce the stylistics of the archaic epoch originals. As a result, one can form a broad view on the basic parameters of the archaic language and main statuary types of the Archaic period – sculptures of kouroi and korai.


The State Hermitage, museum collections, Greek sculpture, Archaic period

Irina V. Buzunova

The State Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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