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The article deals with the samples of folklore of the Oirats of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region of China, published in Chinese popular scientifi c journal “Khan TenGer” with an indication of their genre affi liation. Published examples of folklore texts demonstrate genre diversity of the oral tradition of the Oirats, their uniqueness and identity. The popular science journal “Khan TenGer” in fact, is a multi-volume collection of folklore of the Oirats, who are one of the branches of the Kalmyk people in Russia. The author analyses some non-folklore texts in comparison with the Kalmyk folklore and oral creativity of other peoples. The nonfolklore texts were paraphrased from Oirat “clear letter” into the modern Kalmyk language and translated into Russian language.


Folklore, China, Oirats, genre, «Khan Tenger», non-routine texts, clear letter

Badma V. Menyaev

Kalmyk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

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