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The article presents the small but very important collection of the Byzantine glazed ware revealed in the course of excavations on the plot “Lower City” (2000 square metres) in Phanagoria The overwhelming majority of the fragments belong to the “Glazed White Ware I” dated to the 7th – fi rst half of the 9th century that serves as an additional argument in favor of the earlier suggested date of the depopulation of the so called khazar quarters within the second half of the 9th – early 10th centuries. Considerable part of the collection is comprised by the so called chafi ng dishes that P. Arthur considers to have been “highly Byzantine in character” and “distributed in the areas of direct Byzantine political domination or in the areas with close political and economic ties to Constantinople”. Yet the presence of such vessels in Phanagoria that was beyond the Byzantine world can be explained by its role of the seaside trade centre that maintained direct or, more likely, mediated links with Constantinople or some other byzantine centres directly connected with the Byzantine capital.


Northern Black Sea Coast, Phanagoria, Byzantine Glazed White Ware I and II (GWW I and II)

Larisa A. Golofast

Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

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