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The author discusses with A. Kovalchuk, who published a review of his catalog of Bosporan stamps in the collection of the Kerch Museum. The author does not agree with many comments of the reviewer and gives his counterarguments. In some cases, the reviewer claims have not been substantiated. A. Kovalchuk’s attribution of the stamps ΠΚ as ΙΠΚ and ΠΑ as ΣΠΑΡ do not meet reality. Also it is impossible to agree with A. Kovalchuk’s conjecture [ΙΔΙΩ]ΤΙΚΟΣ. The nearest analogy (not straight) found in Phanagoria, while the author discribed Panticapaeum fi nds. The comparison of IOSPE III with museum numbers is the author’s initiative, and maybe he had not been able to reveal all inventory numbers. This work can be continued by further researchers. The directory structure is based on the example of the housing IOSPE III, but A. Kovalchuk has found discrepancies. It doesn’t correspond to the facts. Tile stamps, unlike the amphorae, can not serve as a reliable indicator for the dating of archaeo logical layers. Tile has always been a product of long-term use, and it is often used in the second or even the third time. The author corrects a set of errors in the collection of tile stamps published by A.V. Kovalchuk from excavation of the East-Crimean Mission. A.V. Kovalchuk’s corrections of readings names on amphorae stamps are without grounds. All the Bosporan amphorae stamps are shown in fi g. 3. The list of Bosporan amphora stamps is added with two new imprints named Chrestus and Apollonius.


Bosporus, Kerch Museum, ceramic stamps, tiles, amphorae, chronology

Nikolay F. Fedoseev, Institute of Archaeology of the Crimea, RAS, Russia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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