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Ancient History and Archaeology

The Ancient Orient

K.V. Kuzmin (Moscow) – The Problem of Interpretation of the Toponym Ir-mr in the Satrap Stele 5
V.A. Gaibov, G.A. Koshelenko (Moscow) – Materials to the Archaeological Map of Afghanistan. Northern Area 17
N.D. Dvurechenskaya (Moscow) – A South-Eastern Entrance Complex and a Pier in the Fortress Kampyrtepa 39
S.O. Dvurechenskaya (Moscow) – A Study of Animal Bone Remains from Excavations at Kampyrtepa Fortress: Preliminary Results 75
E.V. Rung, V.P. Orlov (Kazan) – The Name of Masistes in the History of the Achamenid Empire 83

Ancient Greece and Rome. Hellenism. Late antiquity

Yu.N. Kuzmin (Samara) – A Relief from the Area of the Amphipolis Tomb: Preliminary Notes 92
E.O. Stoyanov (Saint-Petersburg) – On the Issue of the Stasanor the Solian's Discent 100
M.V. Popov (Magnitogorsk) – Traditional and Offi cial Cults of Legions of the Roman Dacia 110
N.I. Solov’yanov (Krasnoyarsk) – Peculiarities of the Worship of Hercules in the Roman Army 121
A.E. Baryshnikov (Kaluga) – A Study of the Towns of Roman Britain in Modern British Historiography 128
S.V. Yartsev (Tula) – Emperor Valens’ War with the Goths During AD 367–369 145
A.M. Bolgova, N.N. Bolgov (Belgorod) – Horapollo the Younger (c. 440–500 AD.) and His School in Menouthis 152

The Black Sea Region

M.S. Shaptsev (Simferopol) – Economic Links of the Barbarian of the North-Western Crimea in the Analysis of Amphorae and Red-Slip Pottery 163
E.E. Antonov (Moscow) – The Appearance of the Late Scythian Settlements in the North-Western Crimea: the Problem of Dating and Attribution 178
A.A. Trufanov, V.I. Mordvintseva (Simferopol) – A Warrior Grave of the 1st century AD from the Ust’-Al’ma Necropolis (the South-Western Crimea) 196
M.V. Novichenkova (Kiev) – Roman Medical Instruments a Sanctuary Near the Pass Gurzufskoe Sedlo in the Mountain Crimea 213
F.N. Lisetskiy, O.A. Marinina, E.A. Terekhin (Belgorod) – Experience of Complex Multi-Temporal Mapping of Deposits on Gravelly Soils in the Rural District of Kerkinitis . 227
N.F. Fedoseev (Simferopol) – Once again on the Bosporan Stamps 247
M.G. Abramzon (Magnitogorsk), S.N. Ostapenko (Moscow) – A Hoard of the 4th–1th Centuries BC Copper Bosporan Coins from the Settlement “Veselovka 5” (2014) 260
Yu.V. Babenkova (Saint-Petersburg) – The Evolution of State Power in Heraclea Pontica under Tyrants Timotheus and Dionysius 268

The Middle Ages History

N.N. Bolgov, A.M. Bolgova (Belgorod) – Stephanos of Alexandria – The Last Scholarch 277
A.V. Akopyan (Moscow) – The Metrology and Names of Silver Coins of Ganja Khanate 285

Russian History

A.N. Fedorov (Chelyabinsk) – «Magnitogorsk Case» in 1949: Activity of Local Party Bodies in the Post-War Period 302


L.N. Khakhovskaya (Magadan) – Koryak Drums: Exstence in Ethnolocal Culture 315


Literary Criticism

E.E. Prikazchikova (Yekaterinburg) – The Personsphere of the Russian Literary Anecdote of the 18th Century 328
T.E. Abramson, T.B. Zaytseva, S.V. Rudakova (Magnitogorsk) – The Romantic Beauty Concept in the story «Beauty» by Chekhov 343
N.M. Solntseva (Moscow) – The Variability of Connection “Doll-Fate” in Literary Texts 356


N.A. Arslanbekova (Jalal-Abad) – Concept “Joy” in the History, Culture and Language of the British and Russian People: Etymological Aspect 364
E.A. Khokhlova (Moscow) – On the Meaning of Chingyongsansuhwa(眞景山水畵) 371
F.V. Makarichev, G.V. Elizarova (Saint-Petersburg) – The Importance of a National Cultural Component of Lexicon in the Course of Cross-Cultural Communication 380


Art Criticism

A.I. Dubov (Moscow) – The Austere Style of Andrey Vasnetsov 389