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The article deals with the study and restoration of parchment fragments of the Triodion (the late 13th – early 14th c.) from the collection of the Russian Academy of Sciences Library (Fund of Current acquisitions, No. 1244). Before restoration the manuscript was badly damaged: it was a double-sheet (bifolium (fol. 2–3)) and fi ve scattered fragments of text. There were glue stains, ink residue, paper fragments and signs of previous restoration on the sheets.

The damage to the manuscript was due to its being re-used as a binding cover for a Greek collected volume of miscellaneous content produced in 1784–1793 (Russian Archeological Institute in Constantinople collection, No. 186). In 1963, the parchment fragments were dismantled from the binding cover and stored as a separate unit.

Prior to restoration, the manuscript fragments were photographed in visible and UV light. The text preserved in the fragments was transcribed.

Reverse impressions of the text remaining on the manuscript fragments were studied. It was shown that the bifolium (fol. 2–3) was re-used as a binding cover for the collected volume No. 186 from the collection of the Russian Archeological Institute in Constantinople, while the fragmented parchment sheet verso (fol. 1) was glued to the middle part of the binding cover from inside, in upside down position, to strengthen the book spine.

Thus, thanks to thorough examination of the manuscript and its text it’s become possible to combine the manuscript fragments and several parchment fl akes containing the text in their initial positions. The details of the re-use of the Triodion fragments as components of a binding cover were elucidated. As a result of this work, the manuscript’s unity was restored and became suitable for further research.


Slavic manuscripts, parchment manuscripts, Triodion, restoration, conservation, manuscript conservation, re-used fragments.

Ekaterina I. Chamorovskaya

Grabar Art Conservation Center, Moscow, Russia

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