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The article under consideration characterizes national stereotypes, constituting the image of Germany and Germans in Russian media worldview. The material of the research is based on Russian media texts (2001–2008), containing judgments that represent Germany and Germans.

The author analyses verbal representations of ethnic stereotypes in media texts, identifi es positive or negative connotations alongside with the emotional tone of the utterances, assesses evaluative attitudes of addressants. The results of the research makes it possible to single out ethnic stereotypes of Germany in Russian media worldview. Сonventional, generalized and even controversial as they may be, ethnic stereotypes (national stereotypes) have been chosen as a research object due to their ability to keep unmotivated features of reality. Unlike myths, rituals and traditions, they are hidden from “outsiders”, they refl ect national mentality. Owing to its large scale and infl uential power mass media are one of the most important resources of creation and distribution of various kinds of stereotypes, including national ones.

The analysis undertaken has made it possible to single out the most widely spread stereotypes of Germany existing in Russian media: “Germany is a strong state”, “Germany is a rich state”, “Germany is a militaristic country”, “Germany is a country of a good education”, “made in Germany means good quality”, “Germans feel guilty for World War II”, “Germans are disciplined”, “Germans are industrious” “Germans are practical”, “Germans have a reputation for neatness”, “German are serious”, “Germans are fond of beer and sausages”, “Germans have a passion for cars”, “Germans enjoy travelling”.


Image, Germany, national stereotype, ethnic stereotype, media worldview

Еlena Е. Koptyakova. Surgut State University, Russia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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