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The article analyzes one of the most important periods of the tyranny in Heraclea Pontica – the period of the evolution of a state under Timotheus and Dionysius. Heraclea Pontica is one of the authoritative economic and political center in the South Black Sea Coast. The tyranny in Heraclea Pontica is one of the most shining example of the authoritarian regime in the polis during the Late Classic and the Early Hellenistic periods. There are different scientifi c views concerning the nature of their rule which still remains undetermined. Timopheus inherited power in the polis on the death of Satyrus and ruled from 345 to 338/7 BC, in recent years in affi liation with his brother Dionysius (338/5–305 BC). Co-regency was an instrument of more fi rm power devolution in the period in Heraclea Pontica. The result of accurate and mature internal policy of Timotheus was that different social strata of the Heracleots supported tyrant. The support given to Timotheus by the Heracleots showed the changing of the relations between the ruler and the subjects. Under the rule of Dionysius tyrant’s power became much stronger. In 306/5 BC he assumed the title “”. Repositioning of Heraclean leader is confi rmed by the written tradition and the Heraclean coinage. However polis institutes most likely survive. The results of the intensive changes were that the power of tyrant in Heraclea Pontica transformed into the monarchy, the territory of the state extended from the river Rhebas or Psilis in Bithynia to Kytoros in Paphlagonia and the city of Heracleia became the center of arche.


tyranny, Heraclea Pontica, co-regency, Timotheus, Dionysios, , political dualism, arche, territorial state

Yulia V. Babenkova Saint-Petersburg University, Russia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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